Bout of Books 3.0

Bout of Books

Despite having a crazy busy week ahead of me, I’ve decided to jump into Bout of Books 3.0, sponsored by the awesome Amanda at On a Book Bender.

I’ve not been having great reading luck this first week of 2012. So far, the books I’ve tried to get into haven’t kept me interested, so I’m hoping Bout of Books will help me dig into my TBR pile and also work toward some of my reading challenge goals.

While I don’t have any specific title goals yet (I have to go scour my shelves and Kindle) I do want to get through at least 6 books this week. Not a huge number, I know–but I do have a busy work week coming up so I want to keep my goals realistic.

You can follow everyone’s progress and check out the other awesome bloggers participating by going here: Bout of Books 3.0

Happy Reading :)

6 Comments on “Bout of Books 3.0

  1. Hi Danielle! Thanks for friending me on GR :D You've gained a new follower ;)
    Nice read-a-thon, I'm gonna sign up right now! I need to work toward my challenge goals too.

    xo, Ella


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